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There has been much talk about the meaning of this now past year, 2012.  It is clear our world has been deeply shifting and evolving for some time, and we are not always certain, at first glance, whether these changes are good or bad. 

The universe and the Earth within it have forever sought balance–this is not new.  So, for me, I believe that these changes, no matter how dramatic, are ultimately positive.  Profound, yet positive.  Duality is a pendulum, and the deeper it swings into the darkness, the further it must swing into the light

My guides, however, have shown me that duality is ending in our world; that the veil between our ordinary and non-ordinary realities is fading and will ultimately disappear altogether.  As this happens, the Earth and its inhabitants (not just humans) will be nourished and connected in a whole new way.

They also say that in some ways, we must go backwards (into the past) before we can go forward freely.  I understand this message two different ways: first, we must begin to rewrite history as we have known it and come to a greater and more accurate understanding of who we are as a race, where we come from and what is the true majesty of this place we are privileged to call home–our beloved Earth.

Secondly, we are still holding old and debilitating wounds from our past–collective and personal, karmic and ancestral.  This is what drives the swing of the pendulum.  In modern terminology, we call this emotional baggage, and there remains a good deal of it yet to be released.  If nothing else, we can each consider making the intention to devote the remainder of our lives to our own healing and wholeness.  So many of us are worn out from scrambling after all those things we thought would "make us happy," only
to come up disappointed and empty-handed.  But, if we shift our attention toward simply becoming whole and balanced, everything we need to create happiness will follow.

Recently, I have observed in my clients, my friends, and myself, an occasional or in some cases, an enduring weariness and impatience.  A kind of “enough already” exasperation.  While that is often an understandable reaction to the shattering and trying events that some of us have endured, it hasn’t proven to be a particularly useful or appropriate state of mind if we are hoping for a shift. What is called for instead is surrender, and many of us can’t do surrender until we have been brought to a place where we no longer have anything else to lose.

One of the more frequently asked questions about shamanic healing is:  how many sessions will it take before I feel better?  Well, as a practitioner, I have witnessed remarkable strides in only one session with the insights and healing provided by the helping and compassionate spirits of non-ordinary reality.  Historically, it has been our pain and pathologies that have driven us to engage in this powerful work, but we should now begin to seek greater healing even in times of strength and equanimity.

We should begin to move beyond mere functionality into expansion and what my guides call magnification, towards becoming something greater than we have ever been—more centered, more peaceful, more resilient, more balanced, more compassionate, and more authentic.  Becoming the change we want to see in the world, in other words, rather than staying with the old guard mentality, where our power is rapidly being diminished by the fear of what will come next, or even, what appears to be crumbling down around us.

For countless centuries, shamans have known that the efficacy of shamanic healing can be strengthened and enhanced by wedding it with appropriate cycles of the seasons, cycles of the moon, or shifts within the elements.  Release work is recommended in the dark time of the year, just after the full moon has peaked, or on a day when the wind rages or the trees are shedding.  Now is a time of release for the Earth itself, an era of great clearing.  It is the time when it is not only appropriate for us to get on board with our own emotional release work.  It is a time when hanging onto past wounds, fears and illusions will prove extremely difficult and uncomfortable.

On a purely soul level, every single one of us wants to be here now.  It is in fact a privilege to be here in this blessed place at this time.  So, let’s make good use of it—for ourselves, for each other and for those who will follow behind us.