Shamanic Healing Services:

The shamanic services I provide are not limited to what is listed below, but these are generally the most common ones that occur.  Please Note: The following is offered only for descriptive purposes and not as a guide for self-diagnosis.  A typical session will comprise several of the following, the actual composition being determined by the shamanic journey process itself.

Soul Archetype

If you think of yourself as a work of art—an original creation—then the soul archetype is the blueprint or initial design of that creation. It is no more than a construct, really, but a very useful one which informs who you are and why you are here in this life. From your archetype, I will draw an explanation of your true path, history, talents, gifts, belief system or creed, and life purpose. This insight can be quite useful if you suffer from a general confusion about your life, feelings of being lost or stuck, of not knowing what you should be doing, why you feel so unfulfilled or what “you want to be when you grow up.” I use the archetype to orient myself in identifying places of imbalance, their cause and resolution. This reading can explain why a certain pattern has taken hold or why a dream is not being realized.

Soul Retrieval

The places in which you become disconnected from your true self are the same places in which you experience physical and emotional distress. You might experience it as pain or confusion, but in shamanic terms you are suffering from a loss of your power or a loss of soul. Soul and personal power are never truly lost but can simply become disconnected from you. You may lose complete cognizance or identification with these parts of yourself because they have been lost for so long, because it does not feel safe to identify with them or because other adopted behaviors and beliefs block the path of their return.

The process of soul retrieval restores the use and ownership of these parts. For instance, you may have come into the world with a gift of second sight or clairvoyance. But when you tried to use this power as a child, it frightened and upset your caretakers. So you disconnected from your second sight in order to please your elders and get along better in the world. To compensate for the loss, you adopted the belief that psychic work is silly or bad. The purpose of this belief is to prevent you from ever reclaiming your gift.

Soul loss symptoms are different for everybody. Soul loss might be experienced as grief, depression, or anxiety. It can also be linked to a variety of common medical symptoms, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PTSD, or pain. Soul loss is viewed by shamans as a natural and healthy process, whereby the soul part preserves itself from destruction by dissociating from the world reality where it is being threatened.

Power Animal Retrieval

Shamans believe in the powerful, spiritual essence of all things. They also believe in the interconnectedness of spirit and the innate generosity of all nature. It is therefore understood that animals and all aspects of the natural world will more than willingly extend power to us as needed. It is believed that certain animal spirits will even devote themselves to the betterment of our lives, becoming helpmates, spirit guides and power sources.

Sometimes when you are faced with what feels like a particularly difficult or dangerous time in your life, a power animal retrieval can provide a gentle and reassuring lifeline. The presence of the power animal in your life imbues you with all the strengths and talents of the animal itself, which might include craftiness, camouflage, physical strength, navigation and so on. The power animal will offer you its protection, wisdom and strength at times when you may otherwise feel completely alone and overwhelmed. Power animals are also adept at helping you to integrate lost soul parts.

Faery Doctoring

Faery Doctoring is part shamanism and part folk medicine. As a healing practice, it invokes the unique power and perspective of middle world spirits known as the “faery folk.” Though these spirit helpers are formidable and must be approached with respect, as a practitioner, I have found the faery folk to be consistently creative, generous, and skilled in their healing capabilities. Faeries are “earth angels” who come in all sizes and forms, guardian spirits who protect every aspect of the planet and endeavor to maintain harmony, beauty, and balance here. Just as we are believed to have “heavenly” guardian angels, it is also thought that we have individual faery guides, or co-walkers, who watch over us. Co-walkers, like power animals, are valuable helping spirits.

Curse and Spell Removal

Many curses and spells are put on us quite unintentionally. We can even curse ourselves by adopting a belief that we cannot do or have something. Self-fulfilling prophecy is a type of curse. While curses do not entail the loss of soul or personal power, they do block our access to what is inherently ours, so that the end result is energetically similar. Oftentimes, curses are removed prior to a soul retrieval, so that the way is made clear for the soul part to return and integrate.

Extraction Healing

The purpose of extraction is to remove any intrusions or displaced energy from the body. You may experience an intrusion as pain, discomfort or an energy block in your body. In shamanic terms, this is caused by energy that is interfering with your power or process. Extraction healing removes the displaced energy—by clearing the aura or energy field which surrounds the body—and returns it to the earth where it can be transmuted into useful energy.

Soul Integration

This work generally follows a soul retrieval and enables you to get the full benefit of the retrieval work. It is often hard to relate to parts of your true nature that have been missing for a number of years. How exactly do you once again become who you really are? Soul integration involves a sort of reprogramming, a prescription of curative behaviors designed to put you back into your own head, reconnect you with the strengths and assets which traumatic experience (your wounds) have separated you from. It can involve ceremony, ritual, mantras or creative exercises, just to name a few.

Ancestral Healing

Occasionally, you may experience an area of persistent emotional or physical imbalance in your life that is part of your family’s legacy or ancestry. Examples might include: alcoholism, abuse, cancer, obesity, depression, financial ruin, abandonment or suicide. Full healing or understanding of this legacy is sought through a journey to your ancestors. Typically, a few representatives from your family’s past present themselves and reveal the part each played in the creation of this legacy. I consult with them to gain a better understanding of the origins of the imbalance—which is oftentimes made more powerful by the secrecy and shame that surround it. This process culminates in the creation of a ceremonial offering—a symbolic representation of the issue—that enables the imbalance to be transmuted and cleared. (The healing can also positively impact other family members.)

Shamanism teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit, and that we are joined with the earth and all of life via our spiritual connectedness. 
— Sandra Ingerman