Space Healing Journeys

Sometimes spring cleaning entails more than dusting behind the furniture or washing the windows.  Our homes get cluttered energetically as well—from an excess of dense emotions like grief or anger, from unchecked flows of natural or manmade elements such as water or electricity, from death or a long illness, and from too much physical debris.  Take a journey through your house with a helping spirit to discover where the imbalances lie and how to correct them.

  1. You’ll need 20-30 minutes of time, a quiet, comfortable place to lie down, a bandana and a light blanket.  Keep your journal handy for recording the results.
  2. When you hear the drumbeat, lie down and close your eyes.  If you have a fireplace in your home, imagine yourself in front of it now.  Notice there is a fire burning brightly inside it. The ancient Celts believed that the hearth was a portal to the spirit world.  Make use of that portal by staring into the fire and calling forth your power animal.  (If you don’t have a fireplace, think about where you would like to have one and imagine it there.)
  3. When your power animal arrives, tell it that you would like to clear your house of any stuck or congested energy.  Ask your power animal to identify and call forth a protector for your house.  This protector may take the form of another power animal or a spirit being such as an angel or house faery.
  4. Travel from room to room, intuiting and observing all that is said and done in diagnosing and curing any imbalances.  Sometimes your helping spirits will do the work themselves.  Sometimes they will advise you to do something.
  5. Ask to be shown the heart of your home and what you can do to honor it and keep it energetically sound.
  6. When the house has been cleared and protected, go outside and walk around the land on which your house or apartment building is situated to determine if there is any energy surrounding your home that also needs to be corrected or removed.
  7. The callback drumbeat will let you know when it is time to finish.  Thank your helping spirits and watch them exit through the fireplace portal.  Record your journey.

Tip:  Keep spaces clear of displaced energies by burning sage or using open bowls of salted or scented water. Orange, rose or lavender water all have clearing properties. (Soak fruit peels or flowers in water 2 or 3 days. Strain before using.)

Suggestion: Dreams can also be used as portals to the spirit world. If you have had a dream about your house, reenter the dreamspace and ask your power animal to join you there in order to help decipher the meaning.

Creative exercise: Create an altar in the heart of your home. Cover it with a cloth of some powerful color or design. Honor the protecting spirit of your home with a small figurine or picture. Place objects on the altar, such as a stone from an energetically powerful spot or something that symbolizes an important event or person. Don’t forget to leave gifts there for your protecting spirit as a gesture of thanks. And keep a candle burning.