I am grateful to those of you who have taken the time to offer comments on the shamanic work I undertook on your behalf:

In my opinion, Jane Burns is passionately devoted to helping people identify and release the energy patterns and blocks to their own creativity. She has helped me to gently understand what blocks me from going to the next level in pursuing my heart’s desires. After a session with Jane I could more easily see the old mental pattern I was burdened by, and it was framed in such a way that I could more easily choose to lay the weight down.   — James B.

I have been seeking Jane’s wisdom and attending her varied and creative workshops on and off since 2006. Shamanism allows me to live spiritually and peacefully in my everyday reality. You can practice as much or as little as you want, but even a little healing work has a major effect on your soul and your world. With Jane’s gentle and insightful guidance, shamanic healing has allowed me to be the best I can be, for myself, my family and the planet. I am so grateful and full of joy, I could burst!.   — Carrie R.

“Jane is the kind of person who would be a “Shaman” even if she had never heard of it or trained in any way– because it is in the core of her true nature. However, it’s clear that her talents have been honed by one of the best teachers of all: the experience of her own journey through illness and recovery. Jane is the archetypal “Wounded Healer” who has returned to help others on their healing journey.”— Eric L.

My son had recently been diagnosed with mental illness and I was experiencing an overwhelming feeling of loss of control in life when Jane first journeyed for me. I turned to Jane when I had reached the end of the solace that intellectual study and research could provide, and found that her insight into the mysteries of the soul provided a clear beacon of light. Jane is a true mystic: gentle, whole-seeing and intuitive at the deepest levels, and through our discussions she both affirmed my belief in the connectedness of life and experience, and reawakened my sense of wonder that there is much more to this world than we see with our eyes. With Jane as my guide, I began in fear and ended in peace.   — Lisa C.

I came to Jane in the middle of a decidedly “dark night of the soul”- feeling lost in my own life. Jane’s shamanic journey on my behalf reached a place I could not access myself. She conveyed the wisdom of choices I made where I could only see mis-steps. She gave me a long, long perspective on my life which brought a sense of peace and a way forward. Then she gave me a name for where I belonged- a place and a lineage that felt like a homecoming; one I had only distantly sensed but never, ever had validated before Jane voiced it.  Jane’s healing abilities seem to come forth effortlessly; as gifts that come to those who carry a willingness to tend to, and heal others.  If you have found your way to Jane Burns no matter what road you have traveled, count yourself blessed.    — Tricia A.

Healing of oneself is an ongoing work in progress. I have been fortunate to have worked with several healers from various traditions on my journey. My session with Jane stands out as a very memorable and spiritually enabling one. I thank Jane for such a healing and compassionate soul retrieval. The world needs true healers. This is what we have here.  — Art B.

Life can be difficult. I have been helped by Jane in two ways. She has journeyed deeply on my behalf, but more importantly, she has given me the skills to journey on my own. I have been awakened to a world of wonder, comfort and joy. It is a gift to be so expanded in nature and in light by Jane’s gentle teaching.   — Cathy G.

I’m so grateful to have found you, and to have the opportunity to work with and study under you. This path is subtle, but the changes being effected in my life feel like I’m touching true grace.  — Judith P.

May I have the courage 
To live the life that I 
     would love,
To postpone the dream no 
But do at last what I came 
     here for
And waste my heart on fear 
     no more 
— John O’Donohue