Mentorship Program

Please note that this program is full for 2024! (You may check back later in the year for openings.)

Individual sessions are still available!

This is a very adaptable one-on-one program of shamanic healing and teaching, consisting of 6 two-hour sessions spread out over the better part of a year.  Anyone can benefit from this concentrated in-depth approach to finding greater understanding and self-compassion, as well as a comfortable place for oneself on the shamanic path.  There are three basic shapes the program may take, depending on the individual, but these are not mutually exclusive. What generally happens for each client is some combination of all three:
    1. Undertaking an Intensive Healing Program: turning the focus of shamanic healing on life-long patterns and obstacles can be very enlightening, uplifting and rewarding.  Throughout the series of sessions, aspects of one’s life that do not seem to lift or transform can be examined in depth and brought to resolution, either through the retrieval of essential power that has been lost, or the removal of energies that can obstruct a truer and more authentic expression of self. Special attention is paid to one’s calling and life purpose, achieving greater sovereignty and rulership over one’s life, and the reigniting of lost or dormant talents and strengths.
    2. Finding a Shamanic Path: in this structure, (in addition to healing work) one can receive, through story, traditions, rituals, and healing practices, various ways to live in a more balanced and earth-centered way.  Adopting a more shamanic way of seeing and being might require lessons in journeying, shapeshifting, working with helping spirits, faery doctoring, conversing with the nature beings, and so on.  The teaching is organic and tailored to each individual.
    3. Honing Existing Shamanic Skills into a Practice: this format is designed for students of shamanism who are trying to forge their learned skills into an effective and powerful client practice.  There are many, many programs offered for people who wish to learn shamanic skills.  There are virtually no programs for people who want to take these trainings to another level and begin to shape and actually offer this much-needed work to the world.  There is a big gap between learning the skills and using them comfortably, strategically and effectively. This gap is something I observed and experienced as I trained in the shamanic tradition, where many individuals just kept taking more and more workshops and trainings because they couldn’t make the leap to actually begin practicing.  The teaching here arises from the student’s own healing journey, since our own imbalances and struggles spawn the work we are called to do in this world. Some of the areas covered might be: shaping a practice that plays to one’s strengths, addressing blocks and inner obstacles, creating a session structure and a strong container for the work, letting go of superstitions and fear of doing the work, creative approaches to doing in-depth soul retrieval and extraction work, improving diagnostic skills, and more.

Testimonials for this Mentorship Program:

I have just completed a year-long mentoring program with Jane and am now stepping out to share my abilities to teach and heal with shamanic insight. Over the years, I have learned from several shamanic practitioners. But the one-on-one dialogue and healing sessions with Jane have empowered me to trust the guidance I receive from Spirit. Jane has been the wise friend, advisor, and mentor I needed to expand my ability to embrace whatever comes my way. I am forever grateful for this valuable experience.

                                                                                 ~  Mary K.

I worked with Jane and her helping spirits over the course of many months and it was through the consistent meetings that we were able to go so much deeper and with much more specificity than I ever have into longstanding issues that have plagued and frustrated me for my whole life. Each session built naturally on the previous one; allowing me to get a much clearer sense of not just the obstacles, but also the tremendous power, and even dharmic unfolding, that lived within each one of those challenges. I am forever changed by the work I did with Jane. The healing has been profound on all levels and has been a boon to the work I do with others. If there was only one thing I could do when it comes to healing, it would be to work with Jane like this.

                                                                                 ~  Susan M.

Jane is a profoundly gifted healer and teacher.  In her very kind and capable hands, I learned about my hidden archetypes, lost soul parts, family dynamics, ancestral wounding and, more importantly, was able to move forward in reclaiming these gifts and understandings.  If you want a truly magical and profoundly healing experience, Jane is the healer to work with.  My life has improved in countless ways and my own journey has been fast-forwarded in ways I did not think possible.

                                                                                  ~  Judith K.

I appreciated the pace, which allowed plenty of time in-between sessions for review and fun “homework” assignments, as well as time to practice bringing more self-awareness into my daily life. Through my in-depth series of session with Jane I have become a more integrated and joyful person, one who has even started to sing again! While sharing her extraordinary abilities as a shaman, Jane also brought enthusiasm and good humor to every session, as well as respect and encouragement for my journey.

                                                                                  ~  Leslie H.

Working with Jane individually has been absolutely eye-opening and delightful! Through her shamanic journeying, she could truly see into me and my situations in a way that offered me clarity, insight, and a new perspective. Everything began to make more sense in my life! Jane helped me see my karmic patterns and clear them so I could live more in a more grounded, authentic way. I highly recommend working with Jane if you have the opportunity!

                                                                                  ~  Deirdre W.

I finally have a journey practice of my own, something I’ve wanted for many years. My fledgling practice seems to be concentrated on healing, primarily inner healing, but includes a palpable sensation of physical relaxation and a treasured sense of well-being. I’m grateful to have Jane mentor me in these processes and experiences and am looking forward to another year of this work with her.

                                                                                    ~ Cynthia R.

The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. — Derek Walcott