Distance Healing Services:

I have found that the biggest hurdle to remote healing is the mental block most of us have about space and distance. Healing is really just the transference of energy and can travel through space the same as light and sound waves. Practitioners of Reiki have long recognized that their distance healing has the same efficacy as hands-on healing, and shamanic healing is no different. Shamans have been doing remote healing for centuries.

When I do distance healing, a typical session is in two parts. The first part is a discussion of what my journey has revealed to me about the nature of the imbalance in the client’s life. During my journey, I will be told by my helping spirits what particular methods of healing are indicated—i.e., a soul retrieval, curse removal, extraction, etc. The second part is the actual healing, where soul parts, power animals, or lost power are returned. Reiki is given to enhance the session, and the work is blessed and sealed. During this portion of the session, I will ask that the client lie down or sit quietly while the healing work is done.


The distance between our surface world and the world of the spirits is exactly as wide as the edge of a maple leaf. 
— Handsome Lake, Seneca prophet of the Iroquois