Portal to the Sacred Trees: A Celtic Oracle Deck

You are beckoned through an ancient portal to discover a world in which the sacred trees will whisper their sage wisdom into your heart.  This deck provides the key to a magical doorway into the Celtic past, when the revered Ogham trees were consulted for their healing powers, grace, and insight.  Come to know the unique skills and virtues of these venerated rulers of forest, moor, stream and mountain.  Each card is its own portal, drawing you into the secret world of Ash, Oak, Birch, Hawthorn, and many others, with its exquisite imagery.  The guide which accompanies the deck provides a clear interpretation of the selected tree’s message to you, whether it be validating or cautionary, as well as a healing ritual to either shift or strengthen the energy of the query. You are also given some insight into the chosen tree, through Celtic history, lore and folk medicine.  End your encounter with this gentle sage tree with a meditation that invites you into the portal of the imagery for deeper healing.

This Celtic oracle deck comes with a 72-page guidebook, written by Jane Burns, and 25 beautiful cards, representing the sacred Celtic trees, that are exquisitely illustrated by Judith Bird.