A Spring Ritual

Jane BurnsUncategorized

At the time of the next new moon, plant something–a shrub, a tree, a seedling, or bulb–whatever you choose.  Give the gift of this planting to the earth in a special way and for a special reason. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal.  The new moon is always the optimal time to initiate the new: new projects, dreams and creations. Your dreams are an important player in this ritual.

The symbol of your new dreams and creations is a (raw) egg.  The egg has long been a symbol of creation and many creation myths tell the story of how the earth itself came into being from an egg, be it a swan’s or serpent’s egg, spider eggs, or the egg of a raven.  The Egyptians said that the golden egg Ra, the sun, came from a chicken, and all life came from there.  Seems like very humble beginnings for a thing so great as our Earth.  But Nature has taught us many times that great things come in small packages.

In the days leading up to the new moon, you will coddle your dreams of a new and different life.  By dreaming a new life into being, you are playing your part in the dreaming of a new world.  Try and suspend your disbelief a bit here and allow Providence or the Creator, God, the All that is, spirit, the universe–whoever you see directs the process of life and evolution–to have a hand in this dreaming process. 

Experience has no doubt shown you, you don’t always have the recipe for your own happiness, but you do wish—as we all do–for inner peace, for freedom from worry, greater self-knowing, the opportunity to contribute to the world in a meaningful and unique way, and to live with others in a spirit of love and cooperation.  That is a common dream, a universal one.  Since you may not know what components or ingredients will deliver those blessings to you, try not to make your dreams or wishes too specific and therefore limiting.

The egg in this ritual represents pure potential, fertility, and the microcosmic spirit of life itself.  You might want to choose an egg for yourself a few days in advance of the new moon, carry it with you like one of those middle school projects you or your children may have participated in.  You may want to imbue the egg with your dreams by meditating on them as you hold the egg in your hand, or keep it beside your bed to absorb your sleeping dreams.  That part is up to you.

When the new moon comes, dig a hole.  Burn offerings (white sage or tobacco) and crumble them into the soil.  Place your egg in the hole you have dug.  You may want to add the magic of charms, seashells, pretty stones or power objects.  You may wish to write your prayers or dreams on the shell of the egg or on strips of birch bark—a tree also associated with rebirth and renewal—and place that in the cavity.  Again, it is up to you—use your own creativity.  Put your plant into the ground over the egg and cover it.  The egg will act as a fertilizer!