Creation is Never Done

Jane BurnsUncategorized

We are creators for sure.  We have heard this said in many different ways, but the bottom line is that the world as we know it is our ongoing creation.  Though we are not genies from a bottle—we cannot simply cross our arms and blink things into being—it is probably best that we aren’t capable of instant manifestation.  Folk tales are rife with the catastrophic results of humans becoming unexpectedly bestowed with this sort of power.

 For years now, I have been trying to narrow down the necessary ingredients for manifesting my dreams and visions.  Recently, I picked up a book I read thirty years ago on the subject—Three Magic Words by Uell S. Anderson.  This book was first published in the 1970’s and is a little dated, but is still a good basic primer on the mechanics of creating the life you want.

 There are many tenets of the book that still remain solidly basic to manifestation work, but there are also some pointers I’ve picked up since the early eighties.  (Anderson would say that's because Universal Mind has expanded since then.) Doing this work with a spirit of conviction or faith is very key, as the author of Three Magic Words establishes, but I also think that doing the work with a spirit of joy and ownership is quite crucial.

 Are you ready to accept and fully choose the dreams you have crafted for yourself, or is there some nagging belief that you can’t quite get there from here, perhaps because you  believe you lack the skill, confidence, deserving or power to carry them off.  Free will is obviously a huge factor in creating the life you want—are you actually ready to choose those dreams right now, or do you see them as future developments in your mind’s eye?  If you continue to see them in the future, they will continue to remain just out of your grasp.

 I also favor very strongly the practice of allowing higher self to offer up the vision of what I am creating in this life.  My ego-driven choices have landed me in enough hot water, thank you very much.  Egos are narrow thinkers and can make some extremely limited choices.  While the ego should definitely partner in the manifesting, it really shouldn’t be running the show and making up the laundry list.  Remember all those sad tales of foolish people who ended up doing things like turning their offspring into gold?

 2012 is the year we must finally master giving our life unconditionally to our higher power.  Your spirit has much grander visions than your conscious mind can ever conjure.  Ask what those visions are, give them your yes! vote, your joy, excitement, and conviction.  It’s time to get busy making your dreams a reality!!  Be willing to set aside some time everyday to work on manifesting the kind of world you want to live in.

As Paul Simon, the great songwriter, tells us:  There are galaxies yet to be born.  Creation is never done!