Celtic Reiki Services:

As with most Reiki practitioners, I was trained in the traditional Usui method for giving Reiki. At the time of my training, I received a Reiki guide from non-ordinary reality, who is a member of the Sidhe, the People of Peace. When we met, she informed me that she was going to teach me Celtic Reiki.

There are twenty-five symbols, based on the Ogham, the Celtic Tree alphabet, in Celtic Reiki. Each tree has its own symbol and its own healing power. I began learning and using these symbols almost immediately upon finishing Reiki I.

I provide Celtic Reiki as a standard part of every client session. When I journey, I visit with my Celtic Reiki guide, who tells me what symbols to give and where to place them. The power of the Celtic Reiki symbols is quite profound.

Celtic Reiki is a form of faery medicine, which sources from life force energy that is primarily Earth-based. Land, Sea and Sky energies are applied to the three places in the body that were thought by the Celts to have more “soul”—namely the head, heart and belly, or the locations of the three cauldrons.

Symbols for each of the three energy centers will then arise as a particular antidote, strength or protection that the individual requires at the time of the session. The symbols, once explained, can continue to be used by the client for ongoing protection and energetic support.

Those interested in Celtic Reiki training and attunement can read more about this program under Workshops. You should know how to journey and have already completed Reiki I and II (Usui Method).



Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit. Of these, spirit is primary, for it connects us to the source of everything, the eternal field of consciousness. 
— Deepak Chopra