Changing My Tune

JonFairies, Shamanic Journeys

You know that expression: you better change your tune?  Well, the faeries tell me that everything has a song, and that we sing songs about situations in our lives all the time.  If you want to change the situation, change the tune, they tell me.

So, if you want to establish harmony in your life, here’s a cool journey to take.  Have your power animal take you to see the faeries, who know all about harmony and how to create it.  Ask, what is the tune I am singing now about this particular issue?  (You might be surprised what they tell you.  You might also know what song you are singing due to the ear-worm that has been running non-stop in your head for days.)  Then ask, what song should I be singing in order to bring balance into this situation?

They may give you a song that you know.  If you don’t remember all the lyrics, check them out on the internet.  One particular verse may be the tune you need to sing.  Or they may create one for you.  Here’s a song the faeries gave me to heal a misunderstanding between a friend and me:

May joy and peace surround you.
May beauty fill your soul.
May music be your laughter.
And harmony your goal.

 I was told to sing this three times. A half an hour later, my friend called and we ironed out our differences!