Karma Chameleon

Jon Celtic Reiki, Emotional Healing

I am coming to a place of decision in my relationship with the new guy.  I have been uncomfortably perched out here on a limb for long enough—I don’t mind taking a leap of faith, but this is feeling more and more like an act of folly. 

My Celtic Reiki guide gives me two symbols, one for Honeysuckle to help me find my way to the center of the labyrinth.  Honeysuckle gives us discernment, the ability to distinguish our own truth within the conundrum.  The second symbol is for Yew, a tree of rebirth that ushers in new growth and an end to the old patterns.  The old patterns here are karmic, she tells me.

Not all shamanic practitioners have a comfy relationship with karma.  Many disregard it as secondary in importance (or completely non-essential) to the healing work we must do in our current incarnations.  I don’t dispute that, but I have to say for some reason, lately, the karma has been hitting the fan.  What’s up with that?

In the final analysis, as a practitioner, I don’t treat spiritual imbalance that is rooted in a past life any differently than I would treat one rooted in this life.  But, it’s weird.

Suddenly, client after client comes into my office, sits down, and begins to tell the sordid tale of their inexplicable attraction to some unlikely soul, and the torment that has come as a result of having opened up this can of worms.  And don’t I know it.  (I am always amazed at how my practice is a mirror into my own life process.)

All morning I have been reading about Twin Flames on the internet.  Look at (http://www.harusami.com/soul2soul/twinsoul.html) for an explanation.  Ay-yi-yi.  This is the Cadillac of all karmic relationships!  I love the part where they say these relationships are often so intense, the people in them run away in fear.  Ahem.