The Power of Symbols

Jon Celtic Reiki, Celtic Shamanism

The Celts believed that the feminine creative principle (potential or pure consciousness) required the force of the masculine creative principle (will or action) in order for life to take place.  Neither can create under its own steam.  When the two come together it makes being, existence, life.  This is called Ur, and its symbol is the egg or a five-layered spiral with a slash through it.  (Much like the cho ku rei symbol of Japanese-inspired Reiki.)

This Ur symbol has been found in the faery mounds of Ireland.  (Read John Matthews’ The Sidhe.)  Before I give Reiki to someone, I feel this symbol coming down through the crown of my head and into my heart.

My Celtic Reiki guide has given me a number of symbols with which to heal different imbalances in my clients.  They work amazingly well.  Why and how is that happening?  Once again, it is a way of working with a medium that has both physical and etheric properties.  A symbol is the physical form or code of a thought.  It is laden with history and power and layer upon layer of meaning.  One symbol could tell a story a mile long.  It is the language of the soul.

So when I see a client crippled with grief and press Ur into his heart chakra, it doesn’t surprise me that he is out running along the beach the following day and telling me he has a new lease on life.  When I sent symbols suggested by my guide to cover the walls and ceiling of one woman’s apartment, the aggressive tenant in the apartment above her first stopped acting violent and threatening, and then, moved out altogether!

Like song or breath, two other mediums of manifestation that I’ve noted here (See 3/1/10 and 2/23/10), symbols are another “betwixt and between” that can take us from imaginary to real.