Terra Not So Firma

Jon Celtic Reiki, Shamanic Journeys, Shamanism

So everyday for the past week, I pull a reversed Singer of Connection card from the Faeries’ Oracle deck.  Are you centered, the guidebook asks.  Are you grounded?  Well, no, apparently not.

When I visit my chiropractor, Dr. Worden (if you are in the tri-state area, he is well worth the trip!), I ask if he has any ideas for me on how to get more grounded.  He tests my energy levels, and when he gets to my root chakra, he raises his eyebrows. “Whoa!” he says.  “You need to do some gardening.”  He tests my energy again. “On second thought, maybe mining might be in order here.”  Mining? 

Perfectly concurrent to these messages about grounding, two sinkholes suddenly appear in my front yard—the perfect thing when you are showing your house to perspective buyers—one about the size of a bushel basket and the other, well, large.  I mean, LARGE.  What is the message here?  The ground is giving way beneath me?  I’m losing ground?  

The friend I go walking with says no big deal—they (sinkholes) are caused by a rotting tree stump suddenly disintegrating underground.  I have to say this all sounds and looks a wee bit disconcerting to me.  I imagine tree stumps dematerializing in one poof! after another and my front yard soon looking like the surface of the moon.

The new guy—yes, apparently the song worked (See 2/23/10)—comes to inspect.  “I think you’ve got something living in here, sweetie,” he says.  “Really? Like what?” I ask.  “I don’t know, a badger?  A small bear, maybe?”  This just keeps getting better.

Later over tea, I tell him about this problem of my not being grounded lately.  “I think you need to get in that sinkhole out there,” he says. (Funny guy, this one.)  Well, come to think of it, I probably could suit up and go mining down there.

I take a journey and ask my Reiki guide: what’s all this fuss about not being grounded?  What’s the big deal even if I am walking around, two feet off the ground? (Pun, folks, pun.)

Here’s the deal:  if you’re IN a physical reality, you are actually supposed to BE in that physical reality.  You need to be engaged and connected.  Otherwise, you are powerless to manifest and create the sort of life you want.  To do what you essentially came here to do.

With so much in my life in transition right now, this definitely gets my attention. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it.