Frequently Asked Questions

Journeying is the term used to explain how shamans access the insight and counsel they receive from the spirit world. It is a visit, so to speak, to what is called non-ordinary reality, the psychic space in which spirit entities can be communicated with and sought for guidance. During a shamanic journey, I will experience certain things, see images and hear messages. Sometimes I will just sense or intuit the answer to a question. I interpret these things both literally and metaphorically, as you might do in dream analysis. I think the basic construct of the journey is something you can relate to in your own life. It is like going on an errand almost—you have a mission, you go and get what you need and return. 
I can’t think of any issues that aren’t. I have journeyed on all types of health problems, dysfunctional relationships, grief, career issues, childhood crises, abuse situations, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as just general unease and confusion. There isn’t anything I would be unwilling to journey on aside from something that I feel might be harmful or invasive to someone else. The soul of each person, including children, is sacred and personal space that cannot be investigated or called upon without the consent and awareness of that person. 
I’m tempted to say, nothing in this work is typical, but having said that, what people might expect is an initial chat or interview to clarify why they have come and some basic information they may need in order to feel comfortable. I always walk people through what to expect and roughly how long the process will take.

When I journey, I rely on my guides and power animals to dictate the healing process. They might suggest a power animal retrieval, or simply lend advice on a problem. They might ask me to perform a clearing ritual for the client. They might prescribe a soul retrieval and so on.

I always let a client know what is suggested and why before I carry it through. People should be in charge of their own healing and clear on what I’ve observed. Once the client is in agreement and knows what to expect, I do a return journey and perform the service.

When I journey to find lost soul parts, I like to think of it as a calling back. There is much to be said for making certain the lost part is comfortable with the idea of returning. It must be clear that there is a place waiting for it and that it is safe to come back.

The part is then gathered energetically and brought to the client. In accordance with shamanic tradition, the lost soul part is blown back into the heart (solar plexus) and crown chakras of the client.

Of course. I have performed distance healing with many people. In some ways, the technology of the telephone and computer demonstrates just how instantaneously and easily energy moves from one place to another. All you really need in order for healing to occur is the intention to send it and the intention to receive it. Remote healing has been successfully done by shamans for centuries.
The journey towards spiritual wholeness and health, greater self-knowing and inner peace is a never-ending life quest. In our modern culture, we are more inclined to see our challenges as pathologies: i.e., what is wrong with me, how can I fix it and how long will that take? We seem to forget that in this dualistic world, areas of imbalance will continue to arise for us to clear and heal and understand. We seem to forget that we are here to learn as much as we can about ourselves in the time we are given. Shamanic healing provides a wonderful landscape for acquiring greater self-awareness and expression, clarity and power. The answer to the question of how many sessions is different for everyone, but it depends less upon the depth of your suffering and more upon the depth of your desire to know and heal yourself.

Here is what one client says: “Throughout my life, I have sought spiritual guidance. First it was through the churches that I was presented with as a child. I then looked to books, astrology, Buddhism, hypnotherapy, tarot card readings, rune readings, past life regressions, naturopathy, and homeopathy. All were helpful. But there is no work that I have found more effective than the work that I do with Jane.

This guidance is effective not only in the moment and on the day of the session. The work stays with me and I am given assignments that I pursue enthusiastically. It is a delicious treat to be Healed. I feel on purpose. I feel alive. My physical condition improves tremendously from this spiritual work.

To me there is no thought of stopping. Life continually presents challenges that need addressing. I visit Jane approximately every 6 weeks. As I approach each appointment, I am excited and always have topics of discussion to work on.

She is a friend, a messenger, a coach and guide. I am deeply grateful for her abilities, her wisdom, and her vision. She has guided me back to my true purpose and has helped to re-ignite my light. I am in no way perfect but the work we do together, without a doubt, provokes me to be a better version of myself. It is my duty to maintain this practice just as I do my body and health so that I can be a better version of myself towards all of the people in my life.”

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. 
— Eckhart Tolle