About Jane Burns:

I began my own spiritual practice in the shamanic tradition in 1996 after being diagnosed with cancer. Upon declining recommendations for chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I undertook instead a lengthy spiritual journey in order to heal myself. During that process, I received my first power animal from a spirit guide, and my education in shamanism took root.

I have studied core shamanism, soul retrieval, and shamanic teacher training with Sandra Ingerman, Celtic Shamanism and Faery Doctoring with Tom Cowan. I became a shamanic practitioner in 2005 and a teacher of shamanic journeying in 2007. I am a Celtic Reiki Master and also bring to my practice over 20 years of experience in the fields of psychic and medical intuition, energy medicine and past-life regression therapy. As an active member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners (SSP), I led a workshop on the Celtic Medicine Wheel at their 2009 Annual Conference and co-led their 2012 East Coast Regional Retreat. My book, Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook, is available on Amazon.com.

“Jane is the kind of person who would be a “Shaman” even if she had never heard of it or trained in any way– because it is in the core of her true nature. However, it’s clear that her talents have been honed by one of the best teachers of all: the experience of her own journey through illness and recovery. Jane is the archetypal “Wounded Healer” who has returned to help others on their healing journey.”
— Eric L.